Do what you love.
We’ll handle the rest.

Join forces with a team of world-class professionals who are experts in long-term growth. When you partner with us to sell our practice, you and your staff benefit from the wisdom, expertise, and financial resources Helping Hands Family provides.

Let’s move forward, together

In an ever-changing industry, obstacles arise that can keep you from growing what you’ve built. Costs involved in running a thriving, fully compliant clinic becomes too much. Or, a practice’s current success is hindered by shifting regulatory standards. Sometimes there’s a basic need for the financial support to expand service areas and invest in recruiting to better contend with competitors.

No matter what the motivation is for selling their practice, our partners are experienced clinicians with an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for helping people. And they partner with us because we have a unique ability to move their business forward.

Selling your practice

Let’s keep growing what you’ve built. When your practice becomes part of Helping Hands Family, you and your team benefit from:

  • Financial support
  • Expert industry insights
  • HR management
  • Career Development
  • Marketing and business development support
  • State-of-the-art technology

Selling your business is not a decision to take lightly. You probably have questions—In fact, we hope you do. We’re here to answer them.

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If you think Helping Hands Family might be a good partner for your business and you want to learn more, we would love to talk with you.